Pat Flanakin
Been There Done That Finalist
In the Great American Song Contest
2015 SongDoor Int'l Songwriting Competition placement
Living In The City was given Special Honorable Mention in the 2015 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition.
New video for Rain On Me
I was interviewed! -
Check it out at:
One of the winners in the In Game Song Contest
Here's an excerpt of the message rec'd from the contest - Downhill Rush is placed on a Compilation CD and pitched to all Directors of In-Game Entertainment for ball clubs of the Major and Minor Leagues. If selected and played at the stadiums, you would be eligible for royalties from your Performance Royalty Organization (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC)*; and it will be placed on a Compilation CD and sent to Music Directors at sports organizations such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and CBS.
4 Songs Included in Compilation CD by UK Co.
Old Carla, On A Bayou Road, Socks On A Rooster, and The Ghost That Haunts 'Ol Beauriguarde will be on a Compilation CD to be released worldwide by a UK company on 2/14. They will also release my upcoming CD which will come out a little later this year.
2 Songs Added to Home Grown Music Online Radio Station
Always The Last To Know & I Wanna Go Back To You and I are on online rotation at HGN Radio online radio station
Runner Up in 2013 Song Of The Year Contest
Always The Last To Know placed as a runner up in the 2013 Song Of The Year Contest.
Top 10 Charts
Several songs made the Top 10 lists
Downhill Rush in indie film
Downhill Rush was featured in the indie film Maintenance Man
Licensing Deals
Always The Last To Know was accepted into two music licensing houses.
Several songs accepted by WAP Publishing
Semi-Finalist placement in 2011 Acoustic Roundtable contest
My song, When The Stars Went Dancing With The Moon, received a semi-finalist placement in the 2011 Acoustic Roundtable contest.
2011 Song Of The Year Semi-Finalist Placement
I just got word that my song, My First Love, got Semi-Finalist Placement in the 2011 Song Of The Year contest!
Here We Go licensed by Cable Network
My Quirky song, Here We Go, was just accepted for the Quirky Instrumentals listing on Broadjam!
My song Karen receives award
My song "Karen" received the "Suggested Artist" award in the Song Of The Year Contest. More info at
Sample News
Not much news in Sample News