Pat Flanakin
Hurry Christmas Instrumental
Been There Done That
Always The Last To Know
I Love You
This Too Shall Pass
The World's Gone Crazy
Love Is The Answer (country vers.)
Lucky (feat. James Greathouse)
Lucky (Country Vers.)
My First Love
Nobody Loves You Like Me
Living In The City
Ev'ry Night and Ev'ry Day
Downhill Rush (w/Guitar Melody)
Always The Last To Know (inst.)
Haven't I Been Good To You
Lucky (Instrumental)
Goodbye Mama Instrumental
I Wanna Go Back To You & I (feat.James Greathouse)
I Wanna Go Back To You & I (feat. James Greathouse) ballad vers.
I Wanna Go Back To You and I (country instrumental)
I Wanna Go Back To You and I (Instrumental)
Quietly She Waits
Come Back Baby
When The Stars Went Dancing With The Moon -feat.James Greathouse
The Magical Music Box
Brother John (feat. Dennis Kizanis)
It's So Easy (To Be Saved)
Hwo Dey Dey
Downhill Rush
The River Never Ends (feat. Dennis Kizanis)
Chester and Me
The Never Ending River
My Little Loralei
Oh Louisiana
Oh Louisiana (instrumental)
Hello Hollywood
Rain On Me
The Zombie Carnival
American Dream
There She Goes
Out Of My Mind
Livin' In The City
The River Never Ends
Burning Embers
Bad Stuff
Children Of The Future
Who Said
Take Your Time
Still The White Man Ride
Brother John
I Was Only Dreamin' About You
Karen (Instrumental)
Datto Road
Here We Go (Long Vers.)
Her Love's Like A Hurrican'
Don't Fight It, Baby
Take Back Your Memory
Love Is Blind (TR) (6-Pak)
It's A Quarter To One
Hard Times
On A Texas Night
Midnight Mission Man
Singin' The Blues Again
Walk The Dog
Karen (voc./guitar)
Momma Dear
Late Night Radio
Ev'rybody's Lookin' For Something
Still Stuck Here In L.A.
Someone Hold Me
My Little Loralei (instrumental)
Karen (vocal by James Greathouse)
When I Stand At The Riverside
My First Love (BG vers.)
Here We Go
Big Yella Moon
The Master Of Illusion
Can't Stop The Rain
All I Wanna Be Is Tall
Socks On A Rooster
Let's Go
Right Out Of The Blue
The River Never Ends (instrumental)
Old Carla Came Down From The Mountain In Search Of A Man
A Wounded Bird Cannot Fly
Lonely Moon (w/Kelli Hill)
Here We Go Again
Open Arms
She Don't Love Me No More
Martha (orig. vers.)
The Crawfish Crawl
Slow Down
You Made Your Bed
True Love Is Hard To Find
That Little Pink Drink
Mr. Fancypants
Did You See The Rain
Still Stuck Here In L.A. (for 6 Pack)
Cheers To Ol' Ireland
First Christmas Snow (Instrumental)
Roller Coaster (30 sec.)
Lover Don't Stop
Miss Alicia
Hey That's My Guitar
The Playground
A Hell Of A Night
Life's So Lonely
Why You Wanna Make Me Cry
Goin' Crazy In L.A.
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena Has Passed Away (TR)
Hurricane/Stop The Rain
I'm Going Back To The Bluegrass Of Kentucky
It's Jammy Jammin' Time
First Winter Snow
Goin' Crazy In L.A. (60 sec.)
Winter's First Snow
Roller Coaster (60 sec. sting end)
Love Is Blind
Hillbilly Suite
Easy Come, Easy Go
My Papa Was A Truck Drivin' Man
Walkin' Man
Ev'ry Moment
Murdered By Sneaky Pete
In The Land Of Make Believe
It's A Cold, Cold World
I Wish You Well
Better Be A Country Girl
Lucky (w/o ending)
Momma's Lullaby
Me Tarzan, You Jane
The Ghost That Haunts 'Ole Beaurigarde
Say Goodbye To Lonely
Lexie's Song
On A Bayou Road
Goodbye Mama
Bumblin' Billy
It's A Love Song
Our Love Was Like A Train
Forever Was A Year
My Little Cutie
It's A Quarter To One (Instrumental)
Make A Circle
Hwo Dey Dey (w/horn)
I'm A Drownin' Man
Momma Come Here
Who Said (for 6 Pack)
Go Janbo
Datto Road (Instrumental)
Singin' The Blues Again (old time vers.)
Singin' The Blues Again (Instrumental)
I Can't Shake These Winter Blues
Brother John (feat. Joy Flanakin)
Can't Stop The Rain (Instrumental)
Roller Coaster (60 sec.)
The Wheels Of The Pentagon
First Winter Snow - feat. Kelli Hill
The River Never Ends (instrumental w/o guitar)
Brother John (feat. Dennis Kizanis) w/flares
I Wanna Go Back To You & I (voc/guitar demo)
I Wanna Go Back To You & I (ballad)
I Wanna Go Back To You and I
Always The Last To Know (acoustic)
I Wanna Go Back To You and I (country instr.)
I Wanna Go Back To You & I (RW)
Nonsense (30 sec.)
Rumble Fish
Questions (orig.)
Quietly She Waits (orig.)
It's A Quarter To One (Inst. 35 sec.)
I Need A Holiday (rough worktape demo)
The Girl Next Door (Demo)
In The Land of Make Believe (inst.)
Been There Done That (Instrumental)
We Will Survive
End This Nightmare
Lucky (orig. vers.)
GiPS Instrumental
End This Nightmare Now
End This Nightmare Now (no voc.)
Love Is The Answer - DEMO
Love Is The Answer II
First Christmas Snow (feat. Joy Flanakin)
Christmas Soon Will Be Here (Pat Flanakin, songwriter)
Avalon Court 2:59 min.
Avalon Court
Love Is The Answer (orig)
Christmas Soon Will Be Here (Instrumental)
She's Still A Part Of Me (Demo)
Who Dat Cat
The Big Muddy (Demo)
Hurry Christmas
Momma's Lullaby