Pat Flanakin
Who Said (for 6 Pack)
Music & Lyrics by Pat Flanakin
(615) 872-5209

VERSE Well, I stumble out of bed
And I fumble with my routine
A cup of coffee, comb my hair
Button up my bluejeans
Look at the time
Oh Lord, I'm runnin'behind
VERSE So I climb into my car
And I crank it to the freeway
Where ev'ryone is just like me
Fightin' for the fast lane
I'm out of my mind
And runnin' ten steps behind
VERSE Oh now, well Owen told me if I'm late
That I can find a new job
There's someone else who just can't wait
Who wants to fill up my spot
Sweet misery
I hate that factory
CHORUS (Who said) Who said (That I) That I
Have to live my life this way
(Who said) Who said (That I) That I
Can't find a better way
Lyrics Credits: Pat Flanakin
Music Credits: Pat FLanakin
Producer Credits: Pat Flanakin
Performance Credits: Pat Flanakin
Short Song Description:
Frustration with working an odd job to pay the bills
Song Length: 1:00
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Frustration
Mood 1: Stressed
Language: English