Pat Flanakin
That Little Pink Drink
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VERSE Well, Todd and Bob are friends of mine
When we're together we have a good time
We hang out at a bar in Pasadena

VERSE Yeah, we can drink and drink some more
And never once hit the floor
Except for this one night in Pasadena

VERSE See, I guess it was Todd's turn to buy the next round
So he took his cash and laid it down
And said "bartender, three pink drinks"

VERSE Whoa, the bartender's hands began to shake
As a look of fear crept upon his face
And Carlos said, "boys listen to this"

CHORUS That little pink drink
'Aint what you think
It packs a punch like Tyson used to do
That little pink drink
It's stronger than you'd think
Just one sip and both your lips turn blue

VERSE Well, we all laughed and slapped the bar
And Bob said "Carlos, what 'ya think we are
A bunch of little girls sittin' on these stools?

VERSE You just mix 'em up and shake 'em well
Then stand aside and go to hell, cause Carlos,
That's exactly what we plan to do"

VERSE So, look out tunny, there it went
It tasted good, but it had a scent
Like a monkey at the zoo

VERSE Well, Todd looked at me, and I looked at Bob
Then Bob looked at Todd and Todd at Bob
And ev'rybody looked at us 'cause our lips were blue


VERSE Well, the room got fuzzy and began to swirl
And Bob took off to dance with a girl
And Todd and I just sat there like a fool

VERSE So Todd stood up and said "one more round"
Next thing I know I'm shootin' down
Another pink drink and spinnin' on my bar stool

VERSE Well, my head grew heavy and my legs went numb
And I could feel that monkey upon my tongue
I prayed to God "please make this spinnin' stop"

VERSE Well, God is good to a drunken fool
He took me home from my bar stool
Where I proceeded to pass out in my cat box


TAG Now ev'rything I just told you is true

Lyrics Credits: Pat Flanakin
Music Credits: Pat Flanakin
Producer Credits: Pat Flanakin
Performance Credits: Pat Flanakin
Short Song Description:
Comedy song about getting drunk expectedly in a bar.
Story Behind the Song:
This is a true story - every word of it! It happened at an upscale bar/restaurant called The Ritz Grill in Pasadena, CA. The people named in it were all regulars and the song was played at breaks and it was a great favorite.
Song Length: 3:20
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Comedy, Funny
Mood 1: Sociable
Language: English